Top Restoration Websites Of 2023

For business owners, there’s nothing more important than having a high-quality restoration website in 2023. It’s the best way to improve online visibility, build credibility, and, most importantly, connect with potential customers.

Without a high-performing website, you are missing out on countless leads. With more than 84 billion visits to Google monthly, ranking with major search engines is a key component of modern marketing.

Also, consider that more than 55% of consumers search online before scheduling an appointment. In addition, more than 78% of local searches lead to a purchase within 24 hours on mobile devices. Without an optimized website it will be very hard to compete in the digital space.

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Why Websites Are Important For Restoration Companies

Sure, word of mouth and traditional advertising are still effective. But what about the billions of customers who don’t know where to find reputable restoration services in their area? This is where a well-designed website comes into play.

For those still on the fence, here are plenty more reasons to build a website for your company.

  • Digital Visibility
  • Trust and Credibility
  • Information and Education
  • Showcase Past Projects
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Lead Generation
  • Differentiation from Competitors
  • Customer Support and Communication
  • Adaptation to Changing Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics and Insights

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What Makes An Outstanding Website

Many factors go into creating a successful website. The most simple way to think about it is to focus on the user experience. However, that requires your website to be fast, informative, easy to use, and attractive.

But that’s easier said than done. In reality, it takes a lot of technical prowess and a strong team effort. Either way, let’s break down a few key elements so you have a better idea of how to stand out from the competition.

  • Smooth UI/UX Design: The user interface and experience of a successful website need to be seamless. These practices assure users can easily navigate and find relevant content.
  • High-Quality Content: A successful website offers valuable and well-crafted content that is relevant and helpful to its users. Furthermore, it should always provide information for every stage of the customer journey.
  • Engaging Visual Design: Through visually captivating elements like images, vibrant colors, and modern typography, your website can create an engaging and visually pleasing experience for visitors.
  • Mobile Responsive: A top-notch website is designed to be responsive. In other words, it adapts to different screen sizes and devices. Responsive design is mandatory to ensure a user-friendly experience for those accessing it on smartphones or tablets.

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What Makes A Bad Website

Unfortunately, not all websites are created equal. Some fall short and fail to meet the expectations of users. These days your average person can identify a bad website immediately, which reflects poorly on your brand.

In this section, we will explore the common pitfalls of website design. By understanding what makes a bad website, we can avoid these mistakes when creating our own online presence.

  • Outdated Design: One characteristic is an outdated design. If your site appears old-fashioned to visitors, people could assume your company is not up to par.
  • Slow-Loading Pages: Another sign of a bad website is slow-loading pages. Slow page speed will frustrate users and lead to high bounce rates and lost visitors.
  • Inadequate Security: Insufficient security measures are an obvious red flag. It leaves sensitive user data vulnerable to breaches, risking visitors’ privacy.
  • Difficult Navigation: A bad website often suffers from difficult navigation. This makes it challenging for users to find the desired information, leading to a poor user experience.

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Top 10 Restoration Website Designs In 2023

Now that you have a better idea of what makes a website successful let’s take a look at some real-life examples.

1. ServPro

The development team working on the ServPro website knows how to build a website that leaves an impression. The green and orange color scheme is bright and refreshing. Not to mention, it is consistent across the site.

About halfway through the page, they include top-notch video content for one of their campaigns. It’s a very short comical advertisement with a catchy tagline. This content does a great job of showing they are a world-class company. They understand the power of short-form video content and use it to their advantage.

screenshot from the ServePro Website

In addition, they included a mega menu at the bottom that makes it easy for readers to navigate all the main and sub-pages. Mega menus are helpful because they allow users to directly navigate multiple layers of your website without opening many pages.

2. Restorerz Emergency Services

Restorerz is a big-time company, and its website reflects this idea. The first thing that stands out is the bright, colorful website design. Next, they include a small “as featured on section, including National broadcasting channels like NBC, Fox, CBS, and ABS have featured them. It’s a good reminder always to feature the top projects in a prominent place. What will sell a service better than this?

Screenshot of Restorerz Website

Keep scrolling down, and you’ll see nice use of infographics and a section about their cutting-edge restoration methods, including 3D captures of videos and images. We also really like the top navigation menu. It makes it easy for users to find everything they need in one place.

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3. Restoration Management Company

The RMC website is simple and to the point. Not to mention, the branding is executed very well. One nice detail is the live chat box with custom graphics featuring the outline of a firefighter (their logo). We looked at lots of websites to come up with our list, and this feature is very unique. Without a doubt, it’s a really nice complement to their brand.

In addition, they also added a ‘Text Us’ button with a phone icon on the right side of every page. Once users click on it, a widget pops up. Then, you can enter your phone number and wait for a representative to contact you. Elements like this really provide a good user experience. There are multiple ways to contact their company on every page.

screenshot of RMC website

4. FBR Restoration

The website from FBR Restoration is a visual treat. Almost every section has smooth motion graphics when you hover over it. Fonts change colors, images slide, bounce, and zoom in from each side. The developer added an effect to almost every piece of content, from the top all the way down to Instagram images in the footer.

screenshot of FBR website

They also incorporated lots of photos and graphics to break up the text. Furthermore, we also appreciate that it’s easy to schedule a consultation. There is a form fill at the top left of the screen so users can get right to it. Overall, the experience is a lot of fun. You get all the necessary information without having to scroll or toggle through many pages.

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5. Service Master Restore

The Service Master Restore website has a lot of excellent features. The black and yellow color scheme is beautifully designed and flows really nicely with the motion graphics throughout the page. We also like their separate FAQ pages for commercial and residential services.

screenshot of service master restore site

Secondly is the ‘Get To Know Us ‘pop-up tab on the sidebar of the Lake Shore service page. If you hover over this element, you can view the phone number and access a contact button. It also has buttons to visit the contact page or jump to commercial and residential services. This is a fun and creative way to guide readers to the company’s most important pages.

Service Master Restore on Lake Shore Drive

6. ATI Restoration

The ATI website does a great job of putting the customers’ needs first. They took the time to consider the specific issues they might have and created a special menu to make navigation more convenient. This includes a ‘Payment Portal’ and ‘Customer Care.’ In addition, there is a beautiful drop-down mega menu with shortcuts to commercial services, residential services, and each service area, all laid out in plain view.

screenshot of ATI website

Even more impressive is the ‘Before and After Project Gallery’ near the bottom of the front page. Users can interact with the element by sliding an arrow to the left and right. When you do so, the image features before and after pictures of prominent projects. Unique features like this are a great way to showcase your work. Not to mention do so in a way that is creative and fun for users.

screenshot 2 of ATI website

7. 24/7 Restoration

The simplicity of the 24/7 Restoration website is one of its best features. They use a lot of nice graphics and keep the visual experience clean and to the point. There is no fluff, meaning users don’t get caught up with large blocks of text. Instead, they use large real-life images and visual elements to draw you deeper into the sub-pages.

screenshot from 24/7 restoration website

They also make it clear they speak Spanish, which helps them target a demographic that many companies might overlook. Another nice touch is the review widget at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. It allows users to see recent reviews without clicking on anything. Hats off to the development team on this one.

Other Restoration Sites Worth Checking Out

In addition to the sites on our list, here are some other examples to browse.

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Restoration Website Today

Most of the companies featured in this blog indeed spent a large amount of money on their websites. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your site without breaking the bank. Below we will list six quick and easy ways to make your restoration website more convenient for your customers.

1. Make sure your website speed is fully optimized.
2. Provide testimonials and reviews on all main pages.
3. Make sure your NAP (name, address, & phone number) is prominently displayed.
4. Include an FAQ section with toggle buttons.
5. Incorporate live chat support.
6. Include at least 1-2 CTAs on every main page.

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Benefits of Custom Websites

These days, drag-and-drop websites are all the rage. And while they work great for smaller, simple projects, they are very limited. Custom websites, on the other hand, offer better functionality and full customization. Not to mention, they can be completely optimized for scalability and performance.

One service that we offer is SEO for restoration companies. If you want your content to rank well with Google, a custom website is highly recommended. Our web development pros will build a custom site tailored to your specific needs. We’ll make sure it’s fully optimized and integrated with all the third-party services and tools you need to take care of your potential customers.

custom website services

With us, you will get a custom website built and optimized with long-term efficiency in mind. To read more about our custom website packages, check out our affordable pricing for My Roofing Accelerate™.

How To Choose A Website Designer

Undoubtedly, choosing a web developer for your restoration website is no small decision. There are many things to consider before finding the best company for the job.

Experience and Portfolio: Look for designers with experience creating websites for restoration businesses or similar industries. Review their portfolio to assess the quality and style of their previous work.

Industry Knowledge: A restoration website designer should have a good understanding of the industry and its unique requirements. They should be familiar with the types of content, visuals, and relevant features of your business.

Responsive Design: A responsive website provides a smooth user experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Verify that the company understands responsive design principles. They need to have experience creating websites that adapt to different screen sizes.

SEO Considerations: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in driving organic traffic to your website. Inquire about their knowledge of SEO best practices and their approach to optimizing websites for search engines. A well-optimized website can help improve your visibility in search results.

Pricing and Budget: Discuss the pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget. Beware of super low-cost options. Quite often, they may compromise quality or lack the necessary features.

Additional Services: Ask about any additional services, such as website maintenance, updates, or ongoing support. A reliable designer should be available for future modifications, troubleshooting, and potential website enhancements.

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