7 Strategies to Improve Your Roofing Marketing in 2021

There is no doubt amongst marketing professionals that the last year and a half have brought about some big changes in marketing your roofing business.  The biggest change we have noticed is how people are finding home service providers like roofers.

The reality is that people are picking up the phone less and relying on google more to find roofing and restoration companies.  Aside from Google, they are also spending more and more time on social media.

Social media has become a large part of marketing strategies and it is not going away anytime soon.

Check out these roofing marketing ideas to improve your marketing and get more leads.

Build a Roofing Website That Converts

It is time for some real talk here.  It is 2021 and your customer’s experience on your website matters. If you are still sporting the same design you had in 1999 your customers will notice and move on.

Customers are more likely to request a quote from a modern, updated website.

What should you be looking at to make the most of your roofing website?

  • Does the page load fast?  Sites that are slow become clunky to try to navigate.  That means your customers are likely to click off quickly and find someone else
  • Is your website attractive?  You should take as much pride in your website as you do in your truck.  After all, you are creating the first impression for your customers. Better make it a good one!
  • Is your website easy to navigate?  To improve the chances of your customers buying from you they should never be more than 2 clicks away from setting an appointment.  Additionally, where those two clicks are should be as obvious as a billboard on the side of the highway.

Modern Roof Co Website

If you are looking for help redesigning your roofing website so it is customer-ready, our team will be happy to help you.  We focus on building customer-ready roofing websites.

Use Roofing Marketing Keywords to Your Advantage

You hear about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) constantly from roofer marketers.  There is a reason, it works to drive traffic.  To be honest, SEO can be really complicated if you don’t understand the strategies that Google uses to index your page and that it is constantly changing.

The one part of SEO that is not as complicated as people think is keyword strategies.  To put it plainly, keywords are what people are searching to find pages like yours.

To take advantage of keywords you need to integrate them into the copywriting on your page. Utilize the most important keywords in your titles and then use supporting keywords in the remaining copy.

Not sure what keywords to use to maximize your SEO.  Let our team help you build a keyword strategy to get your page found.

Google My Business is Critical to Your Online Presence

Formerly Google Places, Google My Business helps ensure your roofing business appears in Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google search results, especially for your local market.  Setting it up is a key part of your local SEO strategies. Google My business Listing

Here are some key items to ensure you have listed on your Google My Business profile:

  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Services you offer
  • Logo and location pictures

One part of Google My Business strategies that often gets forgotten is sharing updates about your business on it like a short blog.  You can use this to your advantage to offer deals, coupons, or other offers.  You can also use this to highlight your positive reviews (More on reviews in a moment).

Online Reputation Matters and You Need to Manage It

Positive reviews are like digital currency, while negative reviews are like taxes and fees that get taken off the top.  Did you know your digital currency can turn into real currency (and no I am not talking cryptocurrency here)?

Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase (Trustpilot 2020). That means if you have a slew of 5-star reviews you have a more likely chance of winning the trust of new customers sooner and building better roofing leads

Here are a few ways to build a better online reputation

  • At the end of every roofing job send your customer an email thanking them for allowing you to repair or replace their roof and ask them to leave a review.  Provide a link to make it easy for them.
  • Respond to every review both positive and negative.  This shows that you are engaged in your customers and providing the best possible feedback.
  • When negative feedback is provided do not argue in the reviews, instead reach out to them and learn how you failed them.  Fix it and ask them if they would update their review to a more positive rating.

This is an easy strategy you can implement and can take less than 2 hours a week with the right tools in place.

If you are looking for how to automate your review process reach out to our team.

PPC is Your Friend

A pay-per-click advertising campaign is a great way to get extra eyeballs on your website and your offer.  Google Ad Words and several of the social media platforms (ex. Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok have tools to set this up for your roofing company.  We like it because from an SEO perspective it can improve your keyword rankings for keywords you target in your PPC campaigns.

Another advantage of PPC is the fact that it is really easy to calculate the return on investment you put into it.

Best practices for PPC campaigns include

  • Build an incentive or special offer exclusive to the PPC campaign
  • Utilize keywords people are actually searching for
  • Create excluded keywords to lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Utilize Spam prevention software like ClickCease to reduce CPC

If you would like to learn how we can help you get the most out of your Pay Per click let our team help you today.

Social Media is Critical to Getting Qualified Leads in 2021

The average person spends over 2 hours per day on social media.  50% of that time is spent on mobile devices suggesting that people are viewing it on the go.  This is why marketers will tell you “meet your customers where they are at…on social media.”

You will see a lot of conflicting information on which channels to use and how to leverage them best.  For roofing companies, our experience says that building a strong Facebook and Instagram presence puts you in front of the majority of your customers.

Social Media Icons

Being active in local community groups is another way to be in front of your customers.  People ask for recommendations for roofing companies and other home services companies in these groups constantly

Want to build a better social media presence?

Let our team help you develop and implement a social media strategy for your business today.

Grab their Attention With a Great Offer

Let’s be honest, people want you to provide them with some value first.  As a roofing contractor, there are a few ways we see companies approach an enticing offer.  Some companies provide an upfront value proposition like a free inspection, while others offer a deal on the backend like a free material upgrade.

MRS Checklist Download

Both strategies are valid approaches and both can be used by the same company. Let’s unpack a couple of strategies that help make the offer more enticing to potential customers.

  • Create a sense of urgency by putting a deadline on it.  People who are on the fence will often engage offers with a deadline because they think they are getting in on something special
  • Make sure the offer provides the value your customers are looking for.  You would not want to offer a free driveway powerwash with every new roof installation, however, a free roof inspection would make more sense.
  • Always assign a dollar value that the offer is worth. If people perceive the free offer as a value, they are more likely to take advantage of it.

Life in 2021 is Digital First and You Need to Consider That

In 2021, people are starting their search for businesses to engage with online. 87% percent of shoppers begin their product searches online. That means that many of your customers are learning about your business before they even call you or schedule a free roofing inspection.

The 7 strategies we outlined are just the foundation.  These building blocks will set the stage for customers to find your business and more importantly, build a solid lead generation platform.

Build a Strategy That Works For You

Marketing is not a one size fits all solution like many make it out to be. While we work with a lot of companies in the roofing industry that need help in all these areas, we focus on building a digital marketing plan that is tailored to your company.

Contact our team today to set up your free digital marketing consultation!