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Search Engine Optimization: How To Improve Search Results

If you have a roofing business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for roofers is one of your strongest tactics for getting traffic. But do you know how to improve search results?

Without a doubt, building an online presence is the best way you can reach a large number of potential customers. But to do this, you must understand and implement strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices on all your web pages.

You can either launch an SEO campaign or use a marketing agency in your service area. Either way, it’s important that you understand what SEO is and how it can benefit the search ranking for your roofing business.

In this article, I’m going to explain why SEO is so important, and how you can use it to bring more leads and customers. In addition, we’ve made sure to throw in some SEO tips for roofers.

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Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is vital to the success of any online business. Without paying attention to SEO best practices, your website is not going to be found by your target audience.

Simply put, the better your site is optimized to appear in the search engine result, the easier it’ll be for customers to find you. As a result, your website will be rewarded with more visitors.

In turn, the more visitors landing on your site, the more business you’ll get. This leads to more exposure for your business online.

How To Improve Search Results For Your Roofing Site

SEO for roofers can sound confusing and overwhelming at first. However, it’s really not when you break it down into separate elements.

The three core areas of SEO that go into any site are:

Technical SEO – This includes crawl visibility, site structure, and indexing.
On-Page SEO – This includes content optimization, internal links, and keywords.
Off-Page SEO – This includes obtaining links from other sites and social signals.

Below is a brief overview of what each of these SEO elements involves.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basically the foundation of a website. Starting with solid foundations is always vital. And ensuring your site is visible in all the major search engines is the first step.

The key elements of a technical SEO marketing strategy involve making sure your site can be crawled by search engines.

Furthermore, you want to see to it that any new pages are being indexed. Lastly, you need a site with good functionality that is focused on providing a good user experience for desktop computers and any kind of mobile device. And always make sure the site is responsive and easy to navigate.

Local SEO also comes under technical SEO. As a service business, you’ll need to get your business listed with Google My Business to appear in local Google search results. This will put you on the map for roofing contractor businesses in your area.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the content on a website. Basically, you need to produce high-quality content consistently. For example, you must optimize all blog posts for targeted keyword phrases. And make sure to include the focus keyword in your meta description and a few times within the text.

The process involves an SEO strategy checklist of good on-page practices. Some of these include; optimizing the title tags, heading tags, and subheadings. You should also include structured data markup, photos, and several CTA’s that include relevant keywords in the anchor text.

As you can see, keywords are the most important part of on-page SEO. You need to know the best SEO keywords for your industry. After that, you’ll need to optimize your content to rank for those keywords.

The goal is to appear as high in the organic search results pages as possible for your chosen keywords. By doing so, you know that when someone clicks through to your site, you’ve answered their search query.

Off-Page SEO for Roofers

Off-page SEO refers to any signals coming to your site from other sites. This primarily means links from other websites and social media.

Every time you receive a link from another site, it’s basically seen as a vote of confidence within a search engine’s algorithm, giving you a boost.

The right kinds of links are one of the strongest ranking factors. But it doesn’t mean anything for your search engine rankings unless you have your technical and on-page SEO in order.

Some businesses will benefit from putting more effort going into one of these elements over another. However, with good SEO practices across all three of these core areas, you will maximize your site’s presence on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Should You Consider PPC Advertising?

Without a doubt, SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business online. Organic traffic is the best type of website traffic as it typically brings in targeted visitors that found your site while typing keywords into a search engine.

But just remember, SEO is more of a marathon than it is a sprint. It takes months, sometimes years, to build up enough traffic to sustain your business.

If you want quicker results, you should consider PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

PPC is a form of internet marketing where you can advertise your business in the search results for your targeted keywords. Then, you pay every time someone clicks through to your site.

The benefit of using PPC is that you can jump to the front page of the search results. The downside is that you’re paying for every visitor that clicks through.

Should You Work With an SEO Agency?

The question every business owner asks themselves is, “Should I hire a Search Engine Optimization agency to handle our SEO?”

In most cases, the answer is always going to be “yes,” and we can explain why.

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First of all, unless you have previous experience in SEO or digital marketing, it’s difficult to do it successfully on the fly.

If your competitors are using Search Engine Optimization agencies and allocating a budget to their digital marketing efforts, you’re going to fall behind quickly.

Secondly, SEO is something that will return a positive ROI when done correctly. This means it’s worthwhile allocating a budget to your SEO and entrusting it to an agency.

You won’t see the results overnight, which is the most frustrating part for most business owners. However, having good SEO and writing great content is vital. Over time, they will result in a steady increase in traffic and search presence.

Whether you do it on your own or hire an agency, SEO for roofers is essential if you want to bring in more business online.

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