Discover the power of My Roofing SEO, the go-to destination for roofing companies aiming to enhance their marketing strategies. Explore our marketing solutions and pricing below and embark on a journey toward maximizing your roofing company’s success.

Our comprehensive suite of services is thoughtfully designed to strengthen your brand, expand your market presence, and help you thrive in the competitive roofing industry.

From leveraging digital platforms to refining your brand identity, our experienced team is committed to your business every step of the way.

My Roofing Digital Launchpad™

Description: Unlock your online potential with our Digital Launchpad™ package. Our expert team is here to assist you in setting up and optimizing your Google and Bing accounts, and social media channels, ensuring they are finely tuned for success. In addition, we take the extra step of listing your business on more than 50 prominent online directories, enhancing your online presence and boosting your visibility.

Pricing: Starting at $3,500 per location (one-time payment)

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My Roofing Accelerate™

Description: Elevate your roofing company with our unbeatable pricing options: a custom website starting at $7,500 and the Digital Launchpad available for just $3,500 per physical location. Experience the winning combination of visually captivating web design and targeted online marketing strategies with the My Roofing Accelerate™ package.

Pricing: Starting at $11,000

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My Roofing Rocket™

Description: Experience marketing excellence with the My Roofing Rocket™. A top-tier solution designed for ambitious companies aiming to expand their reach and conquer their market. Our Customized Approach, guided by a 7-Step System, guarantees exceptional results and sets you apart from the competition. Elevate your success with the industry’s finest marketing solution, tailored exclusively for roofing and restoration businesses.

Pricing: Custom

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My Roofing Brand Advantage™

Description: Refine your company’s brand identity by receiving a thorough evaluation of your logo, vision, mission, values, and Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Our team of expert consultants will provide strategic insights and recommendations to drive your company forward and achieve remarkable growth. Explore My Roofing Brand Advantage™ package today!

Pricing: Starting at $2,500 (one-time payment)

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My Roofing Connect™

Description: Ignite the growth of your roofing enterprise with the My Roofing Connect™ package. Experience the power of our all-inclusive email campaign solution, tailored to track customer data, expand subscriptions, and change how you connect with customers. Amplify customer reviews, maximize upselling opportunities, and elevate customer loyalty.

Pricing: Starting at $1,500

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My Roofing Discovery™

Description: Embark on a comprehensive journey to explore and analyze your company’s core processes and marketing strategies. Gain invaluable insights into your current position and chart a strategic roadmap toward becoming a market leader with the My Roofing Discovery ™ package.

This comprehensive package includes:

  • In-depth content Audit,
  • Social Media Audit,
  • PPC Audit,
  • Insightful GAP Analysis,
  • Profitability Assessment,
  • Expense Evaluation,
  • Processes Deep Dive,
  • Informative Business Rundown (2 hours).

Pricing: Starting at $3,500

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My Roofing Consultation™

Description: Level up your roofing business with the My Roofing Consultation™ package. We’ll work closely with you to build a comprehensive business plan and develop strategies for optimizing your Products, Processes, People, and Profits.

Pricing: Starting at $5,000

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