Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Put yourself in front of the right audience at the right cost with PPC advertising.

Pay per click advertising is one of the essential tools your company can use to attract the right audience.  Not only can you use geotargeting, but with some platforms, you can target your audience to homeowners with an average home age of 15 years.

There are several platforms that you can use for PPC ads, but we focus our attention on the platforms that we know convert.  What we have learned is that each platform has advantages and disadvantages based on your expectations.

Convert more property owners with our pay per click advertising.

Adwords is our favorite because it generally has the best reach. However, the cost per click tends to be a little higher than Facebook Ads or LinkedIn ads.  We like social media platforms as well because you can create a very specialized target audience.

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  • Adwords

    Google Adwords is probably the ads platform you have heard of the most. It is designed to help you be at the top of the page in front of your target audience. It only does that if you are being found by the right keywords in the right area. Mess that up and you could end up paying for clicks that amount to nothing.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn is growing exponentially year after year. What we love about the LinkedIn audience is they tend to have higher median incomes than other platform users. Why is this important? It means that more users have the income to spend. Additionally, if your audience is B2B this is where you will find them.

  • PPC Management

    It is really easy to spend a lot of money and get lost in the PPC advertising world. We have seen roofers paying as much a $250 per click to try and get leads. There is a better way! Having an expert team like ours manage your PPC campaigns means that we can take our experience to dial in your ad and drop your lead cost significantly in most cases. How do we do it? We have tested the algorithm and done the research.

  • Keyword Research

    A big part of PPC ads is keyword research. In fact, that is where we start with all of our clients. If your ads are not showing up for the right keywords then they are not showing up for the right audience. That means your ad spend is going to waste. Further, we research the words your campaigns are getting found for and continue to dial them in for the most success.

  • Facebook Ads

    A sponsored post is something that many of us see in our Facebook feeds. It is an opportunity for you to be put front and center on display for your target audience, of course, you have to know who that is. We not only develop a target audience but we use our proprietary process to make sure your cost per click is as low as possible.

  • Online Advertising

    Online advertising is a $124.6 billion industry. We would say for good reason as well. Nowhere else in marketing and advertising do you potentially have access to almost the whole world. While that seems like a lot, the reality is everyone starts their search for services and products on Google or Amazon. Get found through effective online advertising.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

    Cost per Click is exactly what it seems. It is how much it costs you each time someone clicks on your ad. How it is determined is not as simple and online ad platforms have a multitude of algorithms to determine how much each click is worth. What we know is the goal here is to keep your CPC low. The lower it is the further your budget goes. Our goal is to stretch your budget as much as we can.

  • Landing Page

    A great ad campaign is only one piece of the puzzle. Once you get them to click, where are they supposed to go. We have found over the years the best place to send them is a targeted landing page. When we work with clients for online ads, we almost always build a custom landing page for the campaign. This helps the success of the conversions from clicks to leads. That is the goal here.

Online advertising has come a long way in the last 15 years.  In fact, in 2019, Google received $134.81 billion in revenue from its Adwords platform.  If that isn’t proof enough, Google has seen a 59% increase in revenues since 2016.

The secret to PPC advertising.

The secret to the whole thing is understanding how to reduce your cost per click through effective keyword research.  But it is not just a one-time thing. Advertising platforms like to make updates which means you have to constantly update your pay-per-click advertising strategy. This is why it is important to have a PPC Management company making sure you have the lowest CPC possible while getting the highest returns.

Lastly, once you get your audience to click, they have to go somewhere, right?  We typically pair our PPC Management with a custom landing page designed to turn clicks into sales.  That is where you start winning with your marketing strategy.

Don’t let your online advertising strategy cost you extra money!

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