Our Top 11 Picks For The Best Roofing Websites of 2022

In today’s internet-driven economy, the best roofing websites drive the most traffic. But creating a website that converts requires much more than pretty pictures and persuasive copy. You need to deliver a digital experience that represents the same level of mastery you display in the workplace.

The good news is that we’re here to show you how you can build a site that brings in new business and elevates your bottom line.

Let’s start by looking at some of the best roofing websites of 2022 and what features help them stand out from thousands of others. This way, you have a clear idea of what it takes to crush the competition, and there are plenty of examples to inspire your journey.

Characteristics Of A Quality Roofing Website In 2022

graphic image of the best roofing websites (example layout)

Seamless UE/UI

Like every good product, the customer experience is vital to your success. Users who don’t enjoy using your website will likely assume your company is not a good fit either. If you take the time to build a custom website that is centered around the wants and needs of your target roofing customer, you will have a huge advantage in the market.

Beautiful design

Aside from quality content and a website that functions like a well-oiled machine, you want to design an attractive website. Consumers won’t buy a poorly-packaged product; the same is true with roofing websites. Make it a point to implement colorful images, build shiny buttons, and incorporate visual elements that dazzle.

Fully-optimized content

No matter how alluring your website is, if your content isn’t optimized, you will not maximize your return on investment. Without high-quality content, it’s impossible to achieve good search engine optimization (SEO). And without solid SEO, you won’t get much traffic. To rank well with Google (and other search engines), you need to optimize your written content and images and ensure your website performance is lightning fast.

Mobile friendly

Finally, let’s not forget the importance of building a mobile-friendly site. As of 2022, nearly 60 percent of users conduct searches from their phones. To convert mobile users, you must follow a long list of optimization techniques to ensure a seamless experience on all devices.

How We Selected Our Top 11 Picks For The Best Roofing Websites

image explaining how to build a good roofing website in 2022

We made a checklist based on the above items to help us pinpoint some of the best roofing websites as of 2022. Although it took hundreds of examples to create this list, 11 companies met our criteria.

With no further ado, here are the 11 best roofing websites of 2022. If you want to build a stunning site that results in significant conversions, follow the lead of these roofing professionals.

Site 1: Modern Roof Co

image of the Modern Roof Co homepage

Modern Roof Co is a top-ranked roofing company in Denver, Colorado.

The website from Modern Roof Co is clean as a whistle. In fact, it’s almost shiny. We enjoy the beautiful aerial images and large typeface alongside smooth animation features. There are buttons near the top of the page that allows users to get a quote without navigating to other pages. Moreover, the website maintains full functionality and responsiveness on mobile. The designer was also clever enough to include a navigation menu for location-specific service pages at the bottom. Finally, they included an interactive map to locate their headquarters.

Site 2: Gold Star Contracting

Image of the Gold Star Contracting website

Gold Star Contracting has been serving Shakopee, MN, since 2007.

The Gold Star Contracting website does a fantastic job of coordinating the color scheme with the branding. The gold and white colors on top of the darker background images provide a sharp contrast that complements the company name. In addition, they make it easy for users to jump straight to a consultation by adding a CTA (and phone number) centered near the top. At the bottom of the page, there’s a section dedicated to recent projects and a button that directs users to a digital portfolio.

Site 3: Indy Roof Company

image of the Indy Roof Company website

Indy Roof Company is an industry-leading roofing company in Indianapolis. 

The custom website by Indy Roof Company is a winner from top-to-bottom. It has a super clean design and a soft color pattern that is easy on the eyes. They included two buttons on the header, one to ‘view specials’ and another one that allows visitors to ‘schedule an appointment.’ They do a great job of telling their story and explaining what makes them stand out in the local market. The beautiful images of their team in downtown Indianapolis are a wonderful complement to the brand.

Site 4: ABC Seamless

image of the ABC Seamless homepage

Check out ABC’s design tool to see what their products would look like on your home.

The ABC Seamless website is a visual masterpiece. Visitors first see a form-fill on the left side, followed by a creative slide-in animation feature. The most impressive component is a custom design tool that lets prospective clients see how certain products would appear on their residences. Visitors can select a product, choose the colors, and customize how it looks using a one-of-a-kind application that builds a 3D model of your home – very impressive.

Site 5: Bone Dry Roofing

image of the Bone Dry Roofing website

Bone Dry Roofing offers roof replacement & repair, gutters, masonry, insulation, siding, and painting.

While most roofing websites play it safe with formal language and straightforward copy, the Bone Dry website adds humor to its branding. Their tagline ‘Everything Under One Helluva Good Roof’ pairs perfectly with an image of two people (slightly amused) standing under an umbrella looking up at a rainstorm. In addition, they take the time to give value to the community by including sections about their work with breast cancer awareness, Habitat for Humanity, and discounts for senior citizens and military members. The user experience is fun, unique, and seamless.

Site 6: Houston Roofing & Construction

image of the Houston Roofing and Construction homepage

Houston Roofing & Contracting is extensively licensed, insured, and certified.

The first thing that stands out on the Houston Roofing & Construction homepage is strong attention to SEO design. The header includes categories that take users directly to the blog, service area pages, social media channels, a financing landing page, and more. Structuring a site like a filing cabinet is excellent for SEO, and this roofing company nailed it. Scroll a little more; you can browse key stats, read reviews, and learn more about core services. In conclusion, all these features function well on desktop and mobile devices.

Site 7: The Flat Roof Company

image of The Flat Roof Company website

Flat Roof Company is serving St. Louis and surrounding areas, including Missouri & Western Illinois.

The custom web design from the Flat Roof Co does an incredible job at honing in on commercial roofing in St. Louis. The layout is simple, clean, and very easy to navigate. By using actual images of their team working on local structures, visitors can see firsthand their work with businesses over the past 30 years. Furthermore, the middle section has logos of St. Louis-based businesses that direct users to those projects. From a design standpoint, the buttons are big and bold, meaning guests can easily find their way around this website.

Site 8: Gutter Helmet by Happy Helmet

image of the Gutter Helmet homepage

Harry Helmet has been family-owned and operated for 40+ years.

The well-thought-out color palette is the first thing that stands out on the Gutter Helmet site. From a branding perspective, this website is spot-on. They also prioritize customer service by including direct lines for sales and support at the top right and a pop-up window offering assistance to those who may have questions. While many companies overlook the power of video clips, Gutter Helmet makes it a focus. You can watch their story instead of reading about it, and they included a video for potential employees to boot.

Site 9: Mr. Roof

Image of the Mr Roof homepage (Nashville)

Mr. Roof is committed to providing the best products and technology with the touch of a local Nashville roofing company.

Although it’s not a custom design, the Mr. Roof site still made it onto our list of the best roofing websites of 2022. We truly appreciate the simplicity and their creative use of motion graphics near the bottom of the page. In addition, the header has some unique features, including a navigation menu for special offers, warranties, contact, and an option to pay your bill. Below is a pop-up chat box so you can text an agent based on your location. Finally, they took the time to build their website based on what new (and current) clients want, which we appreciate.

Site 10: All County Exteriors

image of the All County Exteriors homepage

All County Exteriors is an award-winning installation and service contractor.

The website from All County Exteriors is another example of a classic roofing site done right. They made sure to tick off all the standard boxes and came up with a site that is easy to navigate and clutter-free. Users can jump to any website section from the header or footer. Moreover, they incorporated a live chat feature, a button to check out more than 2,300 reviews, a simple form-fill section, a gallery for past projects, and video content.

Site 11: First Quality Roofing

Image from the First Quality Roofing & Insulation website

First Quality Roofing is a premier Las Vegas roofing contractor.

The last site on our list is from First Quality Roofing out of Las Vegas. In addition to clean coding, we like the comprehensive fill-out form, which asks specific questions to help determine if the homeowner requires repairs or a replacement. This is a big issue for many customers as it’s not uncommon for companies to upsell a full replacement when it’s not needed. With that said, we think this feature is an excellent idea. In fact, it’s one we didn’t encounter elsewhere in our research.

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