Email Marketing

49% of consumers said they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands.

With almost 4 billion email users, it is almost impossible to ignore the possibilities that email can create for your company.  As one of the strongest returns on your marketing investment, email campaigns can bolster your brand.

Email campaigns work because the average user checks their email at least once per day.  That means the likelihood of them seeing your email is high.  What becomes a bit more challenging is getting them to click and buy as a result of that email instead of just pushing you off into the spam folder.

Engage your customers with targeted email marketing campaigns!

That is why it is important to control the message that is sent.  We control the message by targeting specific messages to specific audiences that are more likely to click through.  We use targeted content, and scripted messages designed to engage the audience.

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  • Target Audience

    Email marketing is only effective if the right audience is receiving it. We look at your email list and build segments based on different demographics and behaviors. That way, your emails can be targeted to the right audience to increase the open rate. We work with you to build target audiences that convert to leads and sales.

  • Sales Email Template

    Have you ever received a series of emails after signing up for an email list? This is a great example of sales email templates. They are designed to get you excited about the product and help you make a buying decision. It is not just simply splashing buy now in front of them. We help you script sales emails that will convert your audience and get you a return for your efforts.

  • Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing is incredibly powerful, but it can also be very time-consuming as well. We want you to focus on taking care of your customers, which is why we are ready to take care of your email marketing. Not only can we make sure the right messages go out at the right time, but we can make sure that they are impactful as well. Between sales emails and newsletters, let our experts put dynamic content in your customer’s inboxes

  • Sales Funnel

    The rule of 7 says a potential customer needs to see or hear a message 7 times before they will decide to buy. That means when they fill out a form on your site, they need to see or hear from you 7 times. We help you build a sales funnel that gets you the views you need to convert a lead to a customer. Let our team set up your sales funnel so you get more leads and more sales.

  • Lead Management

    Knowing how to segment and target your audience is only half the puzzle. Understanding how different leads clicked on the email, where they clicked, and what they did after helps you turn them into a sale. We help you determine your customer’s behaviors when they receive your emails and how to convert them into sales.

  • Newsletter Template

    We know you want sales, and believe us when we tell you being in front of your customers all the time will lead to sales. Not every email needs to be a hard pitch, your customers will appreciate that.

  • Email Automation

    Automation is all the rage these days. We know you don’t have 40 hours a week just to send out emails to your customers. That is why email automation is critical. From setting up automated sales emails to emails designed to retarget unengaged customers, we can help you set up automation so you can leave your email on autopilot. The less time you spend sending emails, the more time you can spend doing what you do.

  • Autoresponders

    There is nothing like sending an email to a company and waiting days to hear back. In fact, if you have to wait more than one day for a response it is likely that the customer will go with another company. Email autoresponders are a great way to communicate back to your customers in a timely manner without having to stop your day. Our team is ready to create inviting and engaging autoresponse emails for your company today.

So many businesses are stuck in the past with door-knocking or direct mail campaigns.  These methods used to be great, however, they have lost their pizzaz in the last few years.  In fact, direct mail only has a 7% ROI, while email marketing has around a 28% ROI.

According to the Nelson Group, you have 51 seconds to capture your customer’s attention with an email.  But why? That is the average amount of time they will spend reviewing your message.  This means your content has to immediately engage your audience.

Tailored email marketing content.

The best way to speak to your audience is to build effective segmentation and email copy that is tailored to each.  While this sounds simple, the fact is it can be time-consuming.  We don’t want you wasting your time writing emails, we want you busy delighting your customers.

As you know, everything has a cost, and email campaigns do too. What you also probably know, though, is that you have to spend money to make money.  Electronic mail marketing has an average return of $42-$44 for every dollar you spend on it.  It is by far one of the best ways you can spend your marketing budget.

Don’t you want a $42 return for every dollar you spend?

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More ways our email content can help your roofing advertising:

  • Allows your businesses to connect directly with subscribers who have opted in to receive messages
  • Delivers messages to specific groups of subscribers based on their interests, behaviors, or demographics
  • Provides detailed analytics to help businesses understand the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future efforts
  • Builds trust and increases engagement with subscribers, ultimately driving sales
  • Can deliver valuable content and personalized offers to build strong relationships with the audience
  • Cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing like direct mail or advertising
  • Can be used to complement other digital marketing efforts and increase their effectiveness
  • Provides a measurable return on investment, making it easy to track the success of campaigns over time
  • Ability to strengthen brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.