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Launch your Digital Presence to the next level with our Digital LaunchPad™

A great website is only great if your potential customers can find it. We are certain your customers are not going past page 1 of Google search results to find your company. Our research shows that 75% of people never scroll past the first page. That is where our Digital LaunchPad™ service comes to the rescue.

We help you boost Google Search rankings!

While Google and Bing’s algorithms are constantly changing, one thing remains a constant factor in your search ranking, consistency in how you show up in critical digital directories. These directories include social media, Google My Business, Bing Local, and many more directories. If you are not showing up the same everywhere, then you are getting penalized by the algorithm.

Start with an audit

We start many of our clients off with a digital audit. It tells us exactly how they are showing up on the internet.  We look at critical pieces like Name, address, social media pages, URLs, and many other key factors for your website.  This helps us to identify the key opportunities so we can optimize your listings for local search and launch your directory campaign.

Launch Your Business

  • Digital Audit

    We need a baseline to know how you are showing up on the internet. We look at your website, social media, and key directories to see where the opportunities to improve are. That builds our strategy to get your page ranked.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube have all become critical in getting your business found. Often the information on these pages doesn’t match. We start by optimizing all existing social accounts and then create the accounts that don’t.

  • Google My Business

    Google My Business is Google's business directory services. If your business doesn’t exist there, then according to Google it doesn’t exist, and that is BAD. We ensure that your Google listing is set up correctly with all services, hours, addresses, and more. That way you show up when customers search for you.

  • Bing Local

    While we may not think about it often, Bing is still a major internet directory. It is critical to ensure that your Bing Local listing is set up correctly. Not having a Bing listing or having a listing that is incorrectly set up, not only hurts your chances of being found on Microsoft products, but also on Google.

  • Yelp Directory

    Did you know that Apple Maps pulls from Yelp listings? While you might not be going to to search, there is a solid chance that you have viewed businesses on yelp. We ensure that your business listing in yelp matches Google and Bing to give you the best chances to be found.

  • Local Search Optimization

    Most small businesses do not need to show up outside of their local area. We look at where you are and find the directories that matter based on your location. From there we make sure not only that you are listed, but that the listing is correct and consistent with the major directories.

  • Digital Directory Management

    Once we know all the directories you should be listed in, the next step is getting all of the directories completely updated. Unfortunately, that process is not as easy as you would think. That is why our team takes all the guesswork out of it for you and gets it done.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Without Data, you have no idea if what you are spending on marketing is effective. We set up all the latest tools including Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to measure your success. That way if something is not working, you will know about it.

It does not matter if your website is brand new or five years old, the reality is that 7 out of 10 sites are not optimized for search. That is just one of the several reasons why we start almost all of our clients off with a Digital LaunchPad.

Go beyond Google and Bing searches…

Not only does the LaunchPad help optimize your site for search, but it also ensures that your social media and online listing are set up the right way so your business can be found beyond just Google and Bing.  We want your customers to find you wherever they are searching. Because your customers average about 2 and a half hours per day on social media, they need to find you there as well.

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Lastly, no matter where your traffic is coming from, you need to be able to track it. That is why we set up everything you need to know whether your marketing efforts are working or not.  No one wants to spend money on marketing and not get a return.

Put your website on the Digital LaunchPad™ today and get found by your customers.

Dominate Google Search