Content Strategy and Creation

A quality content strategy helps your customers make an educated buying decision.

Google is all about the here and now. In fact, the more current and relevant content on your page, the more Google likes it. That means if you are not giving your content strategy the attention it deserves, you will become yesterday’s news.

Filling your page with quality content doesn’t just happen, and that is where our content consultants come in. Using our years of expertise, we build a content strategy roadmap that will help you convert your website visitors to leads.

The reality is that 60% of webpages we see only have about 30% of the content they need to convert leads. We know the content strategies that work. From the number of words on the page to the keywords that should be used, we will design content that speaks to your audience.

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  • Content Management System

    Most websites have a built-in content management system. Knowing how to organize and build out that system is critical. Understanding if something should be a post vs a page is as important as the words on the page. Our team can help you build your content management system.

  • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is the key to your webpage being found. Simply put it is the process of creating and distributing relevant and consistent content used to attract and acquire your target audience. It goes one step further though, it has to drive conversions to sales.

  • Blog Post

    Fresh Content is critical to increasing your SEO value according to google. Let’s face it no one wants to read yesterday’s news. We use blog posts to inform your audience so when they are ready to make a buying decision your name is at the top of their mind. Blogs also provide opportunities for backlinks to other sites.

  • Case Studies

    Case studies are a great way to highlight the work that you have done. Did you save a company 20% in energy costs for installing a green roof? These are the types of things your potential customers want to hear about. We take a data-driven approach to show your customers why they should choose you over the competition.

  • Content Strategy Services

    Websites are not just filled with random words and thoughts. The best pages have a strategy that is apparent throughout the entire site. This strategy is built on telling the story of your business and services. Our team is experts in telling your story and designing a strategy that converts.

  • Keyword Research

    Keywords are the words people search to find your page. Having the right keywords is critical to driving the right traffic. When we put your content strategy together we research the keywords that your competitors are using as well as your customers. From there we define keywords that convert to leads,

  • Services Page

    Service pages are your chance to highlight your products and services to potential clients. We use general service pages as well as location-based service pages to provide you the best SEO value. Additionally, we ensure all your content is unique to each page on your site. This approach ensures you have more opportunities to rank for keywords.

  • Lead Generation

    Lead generation is likely one of the reasons you have a website in the first place. Content is a key factor in getting people to fill out a form or call you. Having transactional content and the right call to action in the right place are both key strategies to get leads. Our team of experts knows what words and content types to use to build leads for you.

Content is king, but it must be well thought out and properly executed otherwise, your website might only show up for Buddy the Elf. If you’re a holiday store, that is optimal, but if you are a roofing company, Buddy the Elf is not helping you get business.

We look at what your company does and design a content strategy around it that will help your customers find you for the right reasons. Not only will we create a dynamic content strategy, but our expert writers will put it into play through high-quality blogs and service pages. If you don’t think that is enough, we can write case studies that will show your customers results.

Let’s Talk Content Strategy!

We know great content helps get people to your page, but once they are there, our expert writers know what will help them make a buying decision. After all, one of the primary reasons you have a web page is to capture leads.

Let our team write content that will captivate customers and generate leads for your page.

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