Building Your Content Marketing

Content strategy and creation is easily the most crucial part of attracting and engaging quality prospects. It’s critical for maintaining loyal customers for your brand, your roofing business!

It’s the foundation and future of a roofing marketing strategy! Content strategy is a game changer.

It’s how you show those people you can solve their roofing problems time and time again; it should be at the heart of any roofing marketing strategy. A top priority.

Content is basically the stuff we’ll write for your different roofing marketing platforms, like roofing blogs, or social media pages, or your roofing website.

We don’t throw words on a page either; we use several different means of content strategy to bring your roofing business to the top rankings in Google when customers get on the internet to find solutions to their roofing needs.

Content Strategy that Makes Sense

This is a complicated process; Google updates their algorithm, which determines how site rank, almost 9 (okay, to be technical, 8.86) times per day. 

But don’t worry, we can help! Here are a few content strategies we use to make your roofing company rank high on the search engines page.

  • Research. We figure out what exactly your customers’ roofing problems are and how they are typing into the search bar to find roofing contractors, in addition to keeping up with algorithm updates.
  • Keywords. What words do you need in your roofing blog or roofing website to appeal to the algorithm? Or, what words need to be included to make roofing blogs rank highly? This is one of the most important things to consider in  your content creation strategy for search engine optimization!
  • Freshness. You want your future and current customers to know you’re up to date on all the latest information for roofing. This also lets them know you are trustworthy!
  • Quality. This one is super important. Google clearly outlines what quality, high-ranking content looks like; it’s accurate, comprehensive, original and professionally presented. Sounds like a plan!

All of these content strategies will set you apart from your competitors. Creative and interesting are great words to describe your future roofing marketing content with us.

What benefits can you expect to see when a roofing content marketing strategy is introduced to your business? Because without a promised return on investment… what’s the point?

Where’s the value? 

Content Marketing Strategy Benefits

Content strategy steps

Roofing content strategy will make your company accessible; it creates a tangible link between you and potential customers, potential leads!

It allows people with questions about your company to get answers, and then gives them an opportunity to be sold, to buy your services.

Search ranking is most influenced by content. It is the most efficient way to appeal to the search engine, and a great content strategy will place your roofing business high on the front page.

With your page ranked high, prospects are much more likely to click and decide to buy your services. That’s called conversion and it’s crucial to your digital marketing success!

With great content, comes great networking. If you have awesome content on your roofing blogs, other websites will link those blog posts to their pages, just like how we’ve linked other pages to this content.

Maybe searching for roofing services online is overwhelming to your potential customers!

We’ll make your content accessible to those people using the strategies above so they’re more likely to choose you over your competitor.

Your customers want to know what you’re about, and you want it to be easy for them to figure that out. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Content strategists agree there are a few different ways to achieve this goal; roofings blogs, social posts, service pages, and Google My Business. These are some of the most popular means of communication on the internet!


Trust is crucial for someone looking to buy something as important as the roof on their home. They need to know you have the qualifications and experience necessary to get the job done right.

A service page is how you can do that. It’s for roofing blogs or websites to outline what problems and solutions your business can provide to those visiting your site.

We use all the content strategies mentioned above to show those visiting your site what you do, how you do it, and, basically, prove why it’s the best option on the market!

It’s an easy and incredibly effective way to convert leads to customers.


content is king Word association

Roofing blogs are one of the best ways to reach prospects and generate leads for your roofing business. 53% of marketers say creating blog content is their top priority!

The content on those pages provide answers to questions prospects may have about roofing. An interesting and informative roofing contractor blog that brings value or is useful, establishes your business as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

It shows people you’re an expert! They’ll want to stick around and keep reading your blog posts because it’s fun to read and useful.

This is true not only for new leads and current customers, but within the competitive environment that is the roofing industry.


Social media, like Facebook or Instagram, is the most popular form of communicating AND the most popular way for people to write reviews about services. 59% of people access social media DAILY.

Small businesses especially need to use social media to market for a few reasons, but especially to show potential customers how much your current customers in the community love your brand. This builds credibility and authority!

It’s a fun and personal means of connecting personally with your prospects and current customers.

Your current and potential customers are on social media! You can use social posts to interact directly with them, and show them your core visions and values.

It’s super effective in increasing brand recognition in the long term, too, because these posts will generate traffic long after we click the post button.


Chances are, if you own a small business and were interested in marketing your business, you’ve heard of Google My Business.

This is a free tool for businesses to control their listings on Google, so whether your business will appear on Google Search or Maps can be dependent on how well you use this feature.

3 out of 4 shoppers use the internet to find services, and 7 out of 10 choose where they spent their money based off of the internet.  

Using roofing marketing content strategies like the ones we’ve talked about will bolster your ability to market your business on Google and get the most out of this great feature.

At this point, you understand the importance of making roofing marketing content and using a great content strategy. In an ever changing digital world, it can be overwhelming to know what to do, and where to go to

If you’re ready to simplify this part of your business, talk to a digital marketing specialist! We’re here to help you navigate content strategy so you can spend more time on running your core business.

Act now, overcome the plateau, grow your business, and take your roofing company to the next level! Click here to contact us today!