How to Beat Your Competition Post-Storm

When the weatherman predicts a storm is coming, most people batten down the hatches and begin to worry.

Roofers, however, get ready for work.

Although no one hopes for bad weather and serious damage. Storms usually mean business is on its way for most roofing companies.

Once a storm passes, every roofer in town competes for potential clients. But this rush also means an increase in competition, which is why having a strategy for beating competition post-storm is essential.

Our advice – don’t wait for a storm to clear to chase new business. You can stay one step ahead of your competition by creating a post-storm action plan before the rain has even begun to drizzle.

The core of this strategy is a combination of having good communication with your suppliers, trusting in your staff, and utilizing effective digital marketing strategies.

Here are some of the digital strategies we utilize with our clients to give them that competitive edge:

Dominating Local SEO

After their home suffers storm damage, most homeowners hop on the internet to begin their search for a roofing specialist.

When a potential client searches “best roof restoration near me”, you want to be the business that appears as the top result.

How do you ensure your business appears first on the page? Local SEO, that’s how.

By using up-to-date Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, your company’s website can surpass the competition and capture that clientele.

One of the most common ways to enhance SEO is through keyword research and producing the right content.

In simple terms, this means If you’re looking to attract customers in a certain area, you need to use the city’s name, location, and attractions throughout your home page.

Consistently publishing professional, long-form content can also increase your Google ranking— especially with the correct keywords.

If you’re not sure how to find the right keywords for your business, there’s plenty of guides online. You can look up some of the industry leaders, like Neil Patel and go through their sites

Or, we can help you right here at My Roofing SEO. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Increasing Reach with Social Media

Increasing Reach with Social Media

Instagram may not be the first place homeowners look for a roofer, but social media profiles can drastically enhance your presence in a local community. Most platforms are free to use and act as a great resource to get your brand’s name out there.

By consistently posting content about your services and past work, potential customers get an informal look into your craftsmanship, clients, and fees.

To target a specific area – especially after a storm – geotagging your posts with a designated location will push your content toward local users. In addition to this, hashtags, keywords, and tagging followers are also ways to expand your company in an area.

There’s no doubt social media can be a great tool for reaching customers after a storm. You want to start building up a presence well in advance of a storm though.

Using Paid Advertisements

Although there are many free ways to organically grow your business after a storm, you can not overlook paid marketing as a way to get instant results.

There are two types of paid advertising that can dramatically alter your online presence. These are:

Google Ads

To utilize Google Ads, start by researching the addresses and zip codes affected by a storm to create a target area. Once you’ve decided where to target the ads, you can create an eye-catching pop up specifically addressing storm damage restoration.

Once clicked on, rather than leading a consumer to your homepage, create a landing page with precise instructions.

Your website is a tool to give potential customers a good look at your business and services overall. When capturing leads, however, they need to find a solution to their problems quickly.

When someone lands on your landing page, it’s important to remember that you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. This is not the time to wine and dine a potential customer, sharing the ins and outs of all your businesses’ services and values.

Bold, simplistic statements are crucial to catching the user’s eye and leading them toward one precise call to action.

To design a successful landing page, choose a focused keyword like “Metal roof restoration in Jackson, Mississippi after recent tornadoes”. From there, most of the page should write itself as you explain what you’re offering.

A tip when writing landing pages – less is more.

Facebook Ads

The second-largest platform where you’ll find your potential customers after Google is Facebook.

Facebook is a lot more than a social media platform used to connect with friends. Almost everyone in the country uses it, and as a business, you have the ability to appear in front of a targeted audience.

It’s a more pro-active way to find people in need of your services. You can target users in certain areas, of a certain demographic, and a number of other filters to really narrow in on the people you want to reach.

Again, you’re going to be sending them to a landing page serving up the answer to their problems.

Beating Competition Post-Storm Is What We Do

At My Roofing SEO, our professional team has years of experience creating professional and effective websites and digital marketing strategies that work for roofing companies just like yours.

Whether you need assistance with a website redesign, any aspect of digital marketing, content creation, or social media. Our team can help you create the online presence necessary to succeed.

How prepared are you for the next storm? Beating competition post-storm requires preparation. Homeowners will be looking for a company they can trust to restore their homes and ensure their families are safe.

In the digital age, establishing a trustworthy reputation online is the best way to help customers find you – which is what our team here at My Roofing SEO can help you accomplish.

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