Barbie Movie Marketing Campaign: Redefining Brand Marketing

You can’t seem to escape the anticipation and excitement of the new Barbie movie. Whether scrolling through Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or when you’re out in public, everyone seems to be gushing about it. The sensation of the Barbie movie didn’t happen overnight, though. The marketing team behind Barbie is pure genius.

You can learn from this meticulously planned marketing campaign as a business owner. What exactly did Mattel do, anyway? How did they get this many people obsessed with their new movie? A few ways, actually. Let’s check them out so you can capitalize on them, too.

The Marketing Campaign for Barbie Movie 2023

Meticulous Planning

A successful marketing plan doesn’t happen by accident. It certainly doesn’t happen by winging it and hoping for the best. Mattel carefully went over its strategy and marketing plan.

The team put out well-thought-out strategic teasers. They also put out exclusive content at pre-decided intervals. This kept their audience hooked and ready to break the doors down at the movie theater.

In addition, they spent more than a year and a half planning their campaigns. And they weren’t afraid to spend money either. Estimates put the Barbie movie marketing budget between $125-150 million. That may seem like a lot. But it was a sound investment considering the film has made over $1 billion.

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Social Media Build-Up

Social media was the backbone of the Barbie marketing campaign. What they did right was release engaging content on various platforms. Being on various social media platforms is necessary with any campaign, and Mattel understood that assignment.

These days, you can find potential clients across multiple platforms. Not to mention, different strategies and posts are needed for various social media. You should customize your content for each channel and utilize every platform to get in front of people.

For example, TikTok is perfect for short, fun clips to capture attention. On the other hand, Instagram is the ideal platform to share photos relating to your business. Facebook is a great place for posting memes, and Mattel knows that. They released epic memes to get people to share, react, and comment. This drove further exposure.

the new barbie movie

100 Promotional Partners/Collaborations

The biggest takeaway from the Barbie movie marketing was how they collaborated with other brands. In fact, they may have changed the game for how companies and brands interact.

They organized content with 100 promotional partners, including big brands like Roku, Progressive, Google, Candy Crush, HG TV, and 95 other world-renowned brands. The expansive network of partners allowed them to reach an incredible amount of people. Not only that, but it helped to build up anticipation unprecedentedly.

What It Means For Everyday Business Owners: 5 Takeaways

1. Multi-channel marketing is a must

Just like Mattel demonstrated, multi-channel marketing is a must. You’re missing out on leads if you’re not utilizing every media platform and format to reach your marketing goals. Using different marketing methods, like social media, Google search, and ads, makes it easier for people to find and hire your roofing company.

For example, posting photos of completed projects on Instagram can attract homeowners. Also, sending out email newsletters with special offers can keep customers interested. With multi-channel marketing, roofing companies can connect with potential clients in various ways, helping you stand out against the competition.

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2. Collaboration is a powerful tool

You don’t want to miss out on the power of brand leverage. You’re leaving a lot of leads and opportunities on the table without incorporating them into your marketing game plan. Mattel tapped into new markets using this strategy.

Small and medium-sized roofing businesses can greatly benefit by teaming up with competitors, home care brands, and even other industries. The key is to think creatively and pool your knowledge and resources. Together, you might be surprised by what you can achieve.

3. A little planning goes a long way

A well-thought-out marketing plan takes time. And it’s something you should approach with a strategic mindset. To receive the maximum potential on your next campaign, think about your long-term goals. Map out several specific phases and customize them for each platform.

Don’t just post a Facebook Ad and call it a day. Follow up with a related IG story and team up with an influencer to give it an organic boost. After that, get in front of even more people on TikTok. Then, you could run a Google Ad and create an attractive landing page. You want to be able to cover all bases with your content. The only way to achieve that is with careful planning and masterful execution.

4. Engage your audience effectively

Engagement with marketing content is important because it helps businesses connect with their audience and build relationships. When people interact with marketing content by commenting, sharing, or liking, it shows interest in the brand or product.

This engagement creates a sense of trust and familiarity, making customers more likely to consider the company. Additionally, higher engagement often increases visibility as algorithms on social media platforms and search engines prioritize popular content. Overall, engagement with marketing content helps businesses gain visibility, build a loyal customer base, and ultimately drive sales.

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5. Timing is everything

Not only do you need to offer head-turning engagement, but you also need to time your marketing campaign. Start working on your marketing in advance to capitalize on your maximum outcome.

Try putting together 3-4 campaigns and position the content to overlap. Unroll the content over a longer period and incorporate an ongoing narrative. Don’t forget that people love storytelling. Nothing sells a service or product better than a well-timed story. It has a powerful effect on consumers of every industry, including roofing.

new barbie movie

How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy Today

The first thing you should do is set a goal and list out your potential obstacles. What is it you need to achieve first? What is standing in your way, and how will your marketing efforts prevail?

Then, slowly begin to map out how each phase of the customer journey. Of course, you’ll want to create content that answers key questions for each phase.

Remember, this is a planned attack, not a long shot from half-court. Put together a budget and create custom content for each platform. Time your content well so there are no gaps. This way, your campaigns will create a buzz, and you can keep the momentum going.

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Don’t allow any time for your brand to fizzle out. Potential customers should have access to your brand from every corner of the internet – Period.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your audience and knowing what will engage them most is vital. Mattel knew nostalgia would be a significant point to capitalize on. You can do this with your potential clients, too.

Your company may do emergency repair services. In this case, think about how you can put their anxiety at ease. Without a doubt, the process of finding a contractor after storm damage is a stressful situation.

Sit down and plan several campaigns in depth. Think big. Come up with unique content in every format imaginable. Then, push it out slowly without gaps on as many platforms as possible. Don’t be afraid to spend money. Always look for opportunities to collaborate with competitors, influencers, and other companies in the home care space.

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