With humble beginnings working out of a small computer repair company in Fort Collins, CO, we realized that digital marketing was a mystery for many of our business clients. Knowing that we would do anything for our clients, we couldn’t help but say, “Yes, we can help you with your digital marketing!”

Passionate about Helping Clients Succeed

More than 10 years later, we still are focused on helping our clients win with the same passion and excitement that got us started. From where we started to now, we can honestly say, the scenery has changed, but we are still helping our clients succeed.

How did we get from a computer shop in Colorado to a digital marketing agency that has helped home services companies generate millions in revenue?

Well, we started under our sister company Elevare helping small to mid-size businesses of all types with their digital marketing. We soon realized that home services companies wanted a different experience than other types of businesses we were helping.

Launching My Roofing SEO

In 2019 My Roofing SEO was launched alongside Elevare to focus on marketing for home services companies in roofing, restoration, plumbing, HVAC, and general contracting.  Since then, we have been obsessed with finding the little things that make companies in these industries blow their competition away. Now, we are helping our clients take the best practices in marketing strategies across industries and putting them into a tailored system for each business we help.

Whether you own a roofing company, a damage restoration company, a plumbing company, or an HVAC company, we can help you fulfill your mission through OUTSTANDING digital marketing!

Let My Roofing SEO help you stand out with your digital marketing

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Meet our Leadership

Josh Russo, Founder

Founder Josh Russo

Josh Russo is a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate entrepreneur who has been helping businesses grow for over 10 years. As the founder of My Roofing SEO, Josh strives to provide his clients with the best possible service through honest and reliable roofing leads.

In addition to his business endeavors, Josh is an avid Gamer and Musician. He also enjoys spending time with his family – which includes two beautiful children. He also enjoys mentoring other entrepreneurs on how they can reach their goals through dedication and determination.