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Many years ago, circa 2008, I started a computer repair company. From that company grew the desire to help businesses succeed with online marketing. People would come to us for websites, hosting, search engine optimization, logo design, and social media services.

I didn’t have it in me to say “no” to any of it! I learned to be an expert with hundred of hours of hard work and dedication to the craft of marketing.

I remember the first restoration client we had. Our team grew their company from brand new to over $1.75 Million in annual revenue in 4 years. When asked how much of that business came from what we did, they said 70 PERCENT! We knew then that we had a great product and service.

We took this knowledge and repeated it for company after company. Helping companies in industries from restaurants to roofing to damage restoration and even more niche markets and services. Each time getting people an average of 10-20x ROI and helping companies double and even triple their revenue.

Then in 2018, we helped roofing company after roofing company needing our help and we realized we had to do something to cater specifically to the market we are very versed in.

Thus, in 2019, My Roofing SEO was created. Helping companies in the home services industry to improve their marketing and get real results that matter!

Whether you own a roofing company, a damage restoration company, plumbing company, or HVAC company, we can help you fulfill your mission through OUTSTANDING digital marketing!