5 Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from Star Wars

Long, long ago in a marketing office far, far away there was a creative genius Battling good and evil ideas to develop the perfect marketing strategy. He fought through bad messaging and struggles of customer acquisition that just did not work to rebuild a brand that was destined for greatness.

In his epic battle, he developed these 5 marketing strategies that you can use to build your brand in 2021.

Engage with Your Fans and Build Epic Communities

If there is one thing that is certain, Star Wars has some of the most loyal fans on the planet.  This was not by accident though. Lucasfilm and Disney spend millions of dollars every year to build events and excitement around the Star Wars franchise.

One of the most genuine things they do is pay staff to respond to letters, emails, and social posts that fans write. This engagement makes fans feel special and encourages them to continue to be fans.

Create a Community

They have mastered social media as well by building communities that are genuine and provide value to the fans through exclusive content, giveaways, and genuine social engagement from their social media team.

Learn from Your Past Marketing Mistakes

If you are any kind of Star Wars fan, you are aware of the colossal failure known as Episodes I, II and, III. If you are not a huge fan, take our word for it. There was not just one thing that made these movies the black sheep of the franchise, however the resulting wins from learning what did not work lifted the franchise to new heights.

When producer, JJ Abrams, took the reins and brought back the feel and charm of the original three movies fans were relieved and excited. This sparked a new buzz about the movie.

Now fans of the original movies have become excited again for Star Wars. What is more exciting is they all have kids now and are sharing their passion with them. This means the brand has become multigenerational and will continue to live on.

Tease Your Community So They Come Back Looking for More!

Have you ever noticed how many trailers and clips show up before a new Star Wars movie is released? There were 4 official trailers and several other clips that were shown before The Force Awakens.

It is not just about the amount of content but also how frequently people see it. Disney and Lucasfilm both have a habit of putting advertisements everywhere they can to build excitement.

That means that millions of eyes were on it every day worldwide.  While you may not have millions of eyes on your content, showing up consistently and frequently is a great way to build excitement with your community. While you are showing up tease new products or services, they may be interested in.

Be Authentic to Your Brand

Look we know that Episodes I, II and, III were terrible, but one of the biggest complaints about them was they did not feel like a Star Wars film. That was a huge breakdown that not only confused fans but also alienated some of them.

If you have a brand you need to be consistent. It is part of what your customers and community expect. That does not mean that you can’t do new things or offer new products and services. It simply means that they need to fit with your brand when you do.

Be authentic to your brand

When they don’t fit your customers will be confused and may get frustrated that you don’t appear to be in touch with their needs anymore. That feeling will break trust and ultimately cause you to lose customers. Instead, spend time learning from your clients and customers what else they need. Focus on being in your customers’ space and authentic to what you do for them.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

I remember walking into Episode I on preview day with my friends and being so hyped to get a sneak peek at the first Star Wars movie in 16 years. Lucas films had done an amazing job hyping the movie and building buzz.

As we got to the theater, people were dressed as their favorite characters and lined up. When the lights went down the whole theater clapped in excitement. Then it began…

What was amazing about that more than 20 years later I still can remember that day. It was special. It was an experience. I get it, roofing might not be as exciting as Star Wars, but what you do for your customer experience is critical to success. Build buzz online and in-person with customers so they have an unforgettable positive experience.

May the 4th Be with You

Here is a bonus tip for you. Star Wars knows how to take advantage of many great marketing strategies, but Star Wars Day (May Fourth) was actually created by fans in 2011. What is more exciting is that when Disney purchase Lucasfilm in 2012, they realized the potential in what fans had created.

They let things fall where they were and made Star Wars Day even bigger simply by encouraging fans to celebrate it. Now May fifth is referred to as Revenge of the Fifth and celebrates the dark side.

Whether you are an aspiring young Jedi out for an epic battle against the rebellion, or a Sith Lord sitting in your Death Star, there is one thing that is for certain, Star Wars has many marketing lessons we can learn from

May the Force be with you on your marketing journey.

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