10 Reasons Digital Marketing is Important to You

The digital world is a big one. From Facebook to email to SEO, digital marketing is essential for your roofing contracting business’ success. In the following blog, we’ll discuss the main 10 reasons why your Roofing and restoration company needs to embrace digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Matters to You

Before we dive in – what exactly is digital marketing? Digital marketing accounts for any business promotion done online such as advertising through digital channels. This includes websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. In fact, this type of marketing is growing increasingly important as business increasingly moves online. Google found that nearly 48 percent of consumers begin their searches on search engines, while only 33 percent look to brand websites.

If your business isn’t utilizing digital marketing, you could be missing out on reaching many potential customers.

#1. Digital Marketing Builds Your Reputation

Dewalt. GAF. Craftsman.

Reputable brands When you think of each of these brands, a specific reputation comes to mind. Whether it is good or bad, reputations carry your business. Does your brand have a particular reputation?

If your consumers cannot identify a reputation with your company, you’ve got a bigger problem. Digital marketing can help establish your brand identity to help your consumers assign meaning to your brand.

Reputation can be achieved through brand identity, color palette, logo design, and customer relationships. The contractors with the worst reputations are those with the worst customer service. Your customers will not be afraid to say it on a google review or social media either.

#2. Digital Marketing Helps You Stand Out

Stand out amongst your competitionIf you’re running a small contracting business in a large industry, you need something to differentiate you from the rest.

What makes your brand different from every other contractor out there? Find your specialty and capitalize on it.

Digital marketing can help you target the right audience through search engine optimization so your desired consumers will come to you.

Liquid Death Mountain Water did precisely that. Bottled water may sound like an oversaturated industry, but they have thrived in the market with their unique packaging and brand identity. By sponsoring podcasts and appearing in the hands of many Instagram influencers, Liquid Death has grown to $23 million in investment.

If a hard-rock, canned water company can make its mark in a crowded market, so can your brand.

#3. Digital Marketing Helps You Understand Your Audience’s Needs

Understand your customers needsThrough social media, your team can truly understand your target market.

Who likes your posts? Who comments on your posts?

With Instagram analytics, you can see what time of day your followers are most active on social media. This will allow your team to create an effective posting schedule with the most potential engagement.

Once you understand what your audience needs, you become empowered to message directly to them.  When you can message to the entire audience, but make it feel like you are speaking directly to each person you can capture and convert them into customers

#4. Digital Marketing Trends Let You Find Customers in New Ways

Trends help you find customersThe online world is obsessed with trends. From GIFs to TikTok, your brand has to keep up with the changing times.

Right now, short-form video is taking over the internet. Utilizing tools like TikTok and Instagram Reels are the key to increasing your success. When people see awesome work being done they connect with it.  Video is that opportunity right now.

With a widespread digital presence, adapting to the trends will be much easier for your brand to find a broader audience. Increasing your reach with a new audience means getting new customers.

#5. Digital Marketing Increases Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Your business’ ROI can increase based on the success of your digital campaigns.Marketing has direct ROI to your businesses bottom line

Digital marketing for your roofing company is not just about putting out pretty websites and content.  Tracking results and knowing how to change what is not working is where the majority of digital marketing is done.

You want to invest in campaigns that will improve your profits, not decrease them.

Digital marketing can help you track the success of your marketing campaigns and find out what is worth your investment.

#6. Digital Marketing Finds Your Audience

find your audienceInstead of having your customers search for your business, go directly to them. Through hashtags, SEO, and online communities, digital marketing is the easiest way to find and communicate with potential customers.

You can search for your audience based on location, age, and even interests.

You can also tailor your marketing campaigns based on the specific consumer and create various customized marketing experiences for each of your customers.

Digital marketing is about meeting your audience where they are already at and showing them who you are.

#7. Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Cost effective Messaging to your audienceThe great thing about digital marketing is there are many aspects of it that can be done on a low budget.  Social media platforms are a great example of that.

Creating an organic presence on social media platforms is a great way to help customers find your roofing or restoration business.

Keep in mind that free always has a limitation and there are opportunities to upskill what you are doing.  While posting may be free, is that time that could be used on other customer acquisition methods like door knocking?

Create your content in-house, post for free, and utilize organic ways to promote your content. Keep in mind, there may be times where paid methods or having a digital marketing manager may bring great benefits to your contracting business.

#8. Digital Marketing Makes It Easy To Collaborate

Collaboration is easy in digital marketingWith the entire world at our fingertips, connecting with other brands has never been easier.

Collaborations allow you the opportunity to grow your business through partnerships, affiliate opportunities, and referral networks.

Your team can find and reach out to excellent collaborators with ease from email to social media direct messages. When looking for brands, search within similar industries to find a symbiotic relationship where both parties can succeed.

When looking for collaboration possibilities, see what companies your customers also love.

#9. Everyone Is Online

Everyone is online are you?When it comes to marketing, the world is changing. People are starting with Google and social media to find the services they need.  That is not to say there isn’t value in a door hanger or mailer, but it is not where people start.

More than 4.66 billion people — around 59 percent of the global population — use the internet actively. With so many online consumers, digital marketing is the best way to connect.

Digital marketing also allows small businesses to reach consumers in broader markets than other marketing methods such as TV or newspaper ads.  This is a great way to determine if it makes sense to open a second office for your roofing company.

#10. Digital Marketing Makes Customized Content Simple

Customeized content based on your audienceThe majority of the world consumes media online. With an influx of information on users, marketing has become a much more customizable industry.

Customized content began when brands sent out mass emails to customers with each person’s first name in the welcome. While it is more appealing to see an email addressed to your name instead of “Hello customer,” customizable content has skyrocketed since.

Today customized content goes so much further than just a name on an email.  It can be special pages that load for specific customers, or unique paid ads for different demographics.

Technology is making content customization simple, are you taking advantage of it.

Digital Marketing For You

Does your roofing company need digital marketing?

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